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Keith and I were given a $100 gift certificate to Ruth Chris Steak House.  I have heard great things and okay things about it.  With a gift certificate I will give just about anything a try.  We went to the one in Centennial Park.  Our waiter, Rod, was excellent.  We got the Summer special for two for $89, two appetizers, two entrees, two veggies, one dessert.  This menu was limited but good.  Keith add some shrimp and we had three drinks between us.  I thought the food was just good.  The bread and butter was awesome.  My steak was not really seared like I imagined an 1800 degree steak would be and my crab cake was cold on top and piping hot on the bottom.  The dessert was great.  The broccoli and hollandaise sauce were okay.  It was a great atmosphere and service outstanding.  The cost with tip was $171.00.  I have never ever paid that much for food and hope I never do again.  It was good but our budget does not allow for that and really it was not worth it to me.  It was food.  I LOVE ASPENS in Marietta and it is half the price.

Being with Keith was the best part.  Walking in the park and sitting watching the children run in and out of the fountain were the highlights.  It has been a tough year for us but I feel we are moving forward and it was good to celebrate together the great accomplishment of making it 27 years.


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