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Happy 19th Birthday Kayla Belle

Kayla, my amazing daughter!

My favorite baby picture of Kayla (more…)

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Traditional guacamole in a molcajete, a lava stone mortar and pestle served at Rosa Mexicano.


Today we went to Rosa Mexicanofor Kayla’s birthday.  (Kayla, Candy, MaKayla, Michael and me)  We got a great corner booth  with a great view of all the activities of Atlantic Station.  The restaurant is beautiful and the menu is high end Mexican cuisine.  The atmosphere is wonderful. 

They are known for tableside made guacamole.  They push a cart around with all the fixins and make it the way you like it.   There were five of us and we all wanted the guacamole so we ordered a double.   The man put in two avocados, about one tomato, one jalapeno, two tablespoons of onion, salt and a cup of cilantro.  (we are going to start adding cilantro to ours at home)   He mushed it all up and served it with some really fresh chips and homemade tortillas.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!  We all enjoyed it.  It was so good I almost ordered more.

We then each ordered a variety of items so we could taste some different things.  I got a shredded beef dish with Mole sauce.  It was very nice.  We had chicken dishes and a great cheese dish.  Very good food!

When the check came it was expensive but it was special and worth it.  I will tell you the guacamole was $24.  Yes that is correct, $24 and the truth is we could have easily had another serving.   I figured the cost for the ingredients to be $3 at the most, Rosa is doing quite well for herself!!   As much as we enjoyed Candace and I decided we liked ours and Uncle Jimmy’s just as much, maybe even more!!  lol

I love experiences like those with my girls, they are priceless!  Maybe we could make this into one of those VISA Priceless commercials.  My TIME WITH MY DAUGHTERS IS THE BEST THING EVVVVVEEEERRRRRR!!!!!  I would take them back and order a quadruple gaucamole if it would give us another great time like we had today. 


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I love BRAVO TV.  We watch Top Chef (my favorite), Top Design, Top Model, Jeff the OCD House Flipper, The young real estate guys(they are weirdos), and The Wedding Shows (I hate Bridezilla).  If there is a reality show on Bravo I have been watching it.  The only one I did not really follow was The Real Wives of the OC or New York BUT when The Real Wives of Atlanta came on I started to watch it.

WHAT A CAT FIGHT!  It makes you embarrassed to be from The ATL.   They are tacky, petty, lie big time about their age and just are all around ridiculous.  Two of the five are sweet and have class, the rest are an embarrassment to the South.  The season finale is next week and I am hoping it is their last season. 

All that to say, last week two of them went to Atlantic Station to Rosa Mexicano.   They made fresh guacamole at the table, one of them had never had guacamole, made fun of how they were making it and made all kind of faces when she tried it.  Well my girls and I LOVE guacamole so I have been hoping we could go soon.

 Kayla has her 19th birthday Sunday.  She is down at school and cannot come home for the weekend but is going to bring a friend and meet Keith, Candy, my niece Michal and myself at Atlantic station to shop and go eat guacamole and Mexican treats at Rosa Mexicano.  It should be so fun!!!!!  Candy is so excited we are eating where The Real Wives ate, she thinks there may still be cameras there.  Candy is sure we could be the next Bravo stars!  lol

Any shows you are embarrassed you follow?

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