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Love language

Candace woke up with her mouth killing her. The rubber came off one of her braces wires and she slept on that side and the wire dug into her cheek. I felt so bad for her. Her daddy had missed work yesterday because he was sick so he was ready to get to work, but instead he went to the drug store and got long strips of wax to try and alleviate the pain until I could get her in the orthodontist later today. It greatly helped her and I was able to only be two minutes late to work. I was about to complete stress and break down and he just quietly did what was needed to save the day, he never complained and I know he was dying to get to work.

Keith continues to amaze me. He loves his job, he is a great elementary school principal. There is a lot of pressure this year because he is at a new school but he is continual trying to let me see that he is putting us first. It is important to me that he is home for dinner and he strives to be home on time and eat with us. He helps with the homework and does the pots after dinner.

I truly feel we are equals and that we are working together to make this busy life fun and manageable. He loves me and I feel it greatly today. He is speaking my love language.


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