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I love BRAVO TV.  We watch Top Chef (my favorite), Top Design, Top Model, Jeff the OCD House Flipper, The young real estate guys(they are weirdos), and The Wedding Shows (I hate Bridezilla).  If there is a reality show on Bravo I have been watching it.  The only one I did not really follow was The Real Wives of the OC or New York BUT when The Real Wives of Atlanta came on I started to watch it.

WHAT A CAT FIGHT!  It makes you embarrassed to be from The ATL.   They are tacky, petty, lie big time about their age and just are all around ridiculous.  Two of the five are sweet and have class, the rest are an embarrassment to the South.  The season finale is next week and I am hoping it is their last season. 

All that to say, last week two of them went to Atlantic Station to Rosa Mexicano.   They made fresh guacamole at the table, one of them had never had guacamole, made fun of how they were making it and made all kind of faces when she tried it.  Well my girls and I LOVE guacamole so I have been hoping we could go soon.

 Kayla has her 19th birthday Sunday.  She is down at school and cannot come home for the weekend but is going to bring a friend and meet Keith, Candy, my niece Michal and myself at Atlantic station to shop and go eat guacamole and Mexican treats at Rosa Mexicano.  It should be so fun!!!!!  Candy is so excited we are eating where The Real Wives ate, she thinks there may still be cameras there.  Candy is sure we could be the next Bravo stars!  lol

Any shows you are embarrassed you follow?


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Kayla and Candace

Kayla and Candace

When we were picking out names for our children we looked at every aspect of their name. Did it rhythm with a bad word, could kids make it into a song and make fun of our child. We thought of the nicknames that could be derived from the name.

With our first child we knew that if we had a girl we wanted to name her Kayla. We had gone to college with a Kayla. She was beautiful, confident and just made you smile. So when we found out we were having a girl we immediately started calling her Kayla. Middle name was a little more difficult, but not really. We wanted to name our daughter after my mother. My mom’s name is Johnnie Belle Sapp Lord. Truly there was only one name we would consider out of those four names and Belle just seemed to go good with Kayla. So on November 16, 1989 we gave birth to Kayla Belle Ingram. She was a beautiful baby and she looked like she fit the name perfectly. The only problem with the middle name was sometimes kids would say, “ding dong, ring a ling” but nothing that really was so bad. She never got a nickname from either of her names and I think that bothered her when she was younger. When her sister came along it seemed nature to speak about her as “Sissy”. It stuck and in our home she is Sissy. We all love it, it feels natural and she now has a nickname at home.

Eight years later we were pregnant with our second daughter and now there were three of us deciding on a name. Adding Kayla to the mix made it much more difficult but we wanted her to take part in the decision. We would come up with a name and Kayla would say, “no way, there is a girl in my class with that name and she is not nice”. She came up with some really great names, Savannah Rose is the one she was pulling for the most. Keith said absolutely not and I agreed. The other problem we had was that half the names we came up with Keith had at some point dated a girl with that name. It got kind of humorous because we had to run it through those two filter first.

We all came to agree when we thought of the name Candace. I was a little nervous because I did not want my daughter called Candy but friends assured me that whatever we called our daughter others would follow, so baby girl 2 became Candace. The middle name was pretty easy. My sister’s middle name is Elizabeth, a name that I love, but more importantly, my sister is one of my best friends and had been with me through so many things, I wanted to honor her. So we all agreed on Candace Elizabeth Ingram.

Candace, ada Candy

Candace, ada Candy

Candace has been Candace for 10 years. In fourth grade Candace came home and said that some of the kids were calling her Candy and she liked it. She always giggles and said that her teacher even slipped and called her Candy one time. I let it go and sometimes Kayla and I would call her that but really did not think anything of it.

Candace has now gone to a new school and she has told the children they can call her Candy, AND THEY DO! She wants to be called Candy. I have a problem with that. We named her Candace and I like that name BUT if you know Candace if anyone could pull off the name Candy it would be her. She is such a funny child, who can make you cry from laughing so hard. She is sweet, sassy and has a great sense of humor. We made her a blog this week and the name of it is I AM CANDY!

When I am upset with her I do the whole name thing, CANDACE ELIZABETH INGRAM! Yelling CANDY would just not be the same.

Here are my questions, Do I let her be Candy? Do I call her Candy? I want her to have a sense of self and want her to have confidence, if Candy does that for her, who am I to stand in the way? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK PLEASE.

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Boy, have we had it bad at our house.  Our sweet Candace, aka Candy, has bronchitis!!! Last month she had pneumonia and strep throat.  We have had three antibiotics in five weeks.  She is a really good patient and does not complain very much. 

It breaks my heart as a mother to see my children suffer in anyway.  Whether they are suffering from illness, friend hurts, school dramas or personal growth issues I just want to be there to help them through the process.  It is really important to me to make my children feel that whatever is going on with them they are my top priority.  I want them to know they are number one in my book. 

When my children are sick I love to get them anything that they think with make them feel better.  Candy has wanted sushi for lunch for the past two days.  She has not been eating very much so I am thrilled to get anything that might make her eat!  I got all her favorites yesterday, mandarin orange segments (six cans), fudge sicles, sushi, crab sticks and chocolate milk.  We cuddle on the couch and watch movies and today have watched “Who’s wedding is it anyway?”.

My prayer is that they will feel my love and compassion.

What do you do for your children when they are ill?

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