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This is my new blog. I am so excited. I never liked my old name. I did not understand when I started that you were stuck with the same name forEEEEEVVVER so I decided I would give it a change. It is kind of a pain to transfer everything but I think it will be worth it! Kayla was great, she imported all my old post to this blog. I would have had to pay someone to help me figure that one out. I really am not a computer genius, it took a lot for me to learn how to add a picture!!

I am so excited I am going to a blog party thrown by Heather Whittaker, who has a great blog. LOOOOVEE IT! To get to meet the people that I read will be so exciting! Kayla is coming home for the weekend just to go to the party and my BFF Rob is going with us! It is going to be great!!


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Change is in the air

One of the things I love about my daughter is she loves change. I do not care if it is a change in her hair color or length, a change in purses (which is an obsession of hers), or different foods. She is not afraid of change.  She went away to college not knowing her roommate or suite mates, she was not afraid, and she won the jackpot for roomies.   I so admire this quality because I have let fear of the unknown stop me dead in my tracks many times.

My favorite picture of her as a baby is when she is in her little blue bathing suit at Aunt Debbie’s daring her cousins to come near her. Alex eventually won her over and got a picture with her.

I love her new hair color. I loved her old colors. I just love that she is willing to give it a try and see how it goes. For years I have said I am going to go Auburn but always chicken out. Hmmm, tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and colored,  maybe this next time….

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