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Saturday mornings

Keith plays tennis on Saturday mornings. When it is in the neighborhood I go cheer him on. Today he is on the road so we are just hanging in our pjs having a good time.

I love to sit on the back deck sipping coffee (cup # 4), reading and just relaxing. For a year and a half I worked on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. It is so weirdly wonderful to really relax for a few hours before I start the list for the day. (work out, clothes, straighten the house). When Kayla was home we usually found something to shop for or went, eat sushi and sometimes got our toes painted. It is weird and not so wonderful for her to not be with us. (Disclaimer: 1. Only on the weekend do I indulge in so much coffee; 2. we are very happy Kayla loves school and know she is where God wants her, just a major adjustment)


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