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Mixed blessings

Last night I was really tired and discouraged. Everything looked blue, well not this morning. Guess what? I woke up with praise on my mouth!

A few years ago I had insomnia for two years. I never ever slept more than 3-4 hours a night. It was a very productive time, lol, but I was miserably tired. Well, not any more. I am sleeping like a baby! When I woke up this morning I was still a little tired but I only got up once in the middle of the night and went right back to sleep. Sleeping is such a blessing for me.

So I started thinking about the other blessings from the anemia. Yes, blessings, so here are a few:

1. I feel so loved by everyone. People have been so caring and concerned.

2. I am going to feel like a new woman by the New Year. Who would have thought you could inject that? I am not sure what a new woman will feel like but I am ready!

3. You get into see doctors really quick. You get put at the head of the line in the office. I have hardly waited at all. 🙂

4. You meet people with knowledge that will help you.

5. I am learning ways to take better care of myself.

6. I get to work less, scary blessing but I am going to call it a blessing? I am going to have to work on that blessing. It is a little scary to have your income almost cut in half but I have been asking God to direct my career. (NOT EXACTLY HOW I MEANT GOD, but thank you)

7. My husband has been INCREDIBLE. He has shown his love and commitment to me daily.

8. People have brought us great meals. I have not felt like cooking and really do not need to eat out when I am making less so it has blessed Keith and I both.

The list is long and I will keep adding to it?

Do you have mixed blessings you can share?


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Medical Update

First, I just want to say how wonderful everyone has been to call me, blog me, email me, pray for me, bring me meals. Keith and I have been so blessed by our friends prayers and support. When you are going through tough times it makes you realize how much people love you and care for you, it is very humbling.

After a restful week and weekend I went to work for a couple of hours and then have been to two specialist today.

Dr. T, the Gastroenterologist, agreed with Dr. Davis that I was very fortunate to have been standing and functioning at the levels I have with the anemia. He thought the blood transfusion was good but that we was not sure we could get my iron up to an acceptable level by taking iron and felt I need to go to a Hematologist for Iron transfusions. He is also going to scope my stomach for ulcerations on December 5th.

Two hours later I went to see Dr. Smith who also concurred and shook his head with amazement. He said my Fariten levels were a 10 th of what they needed to be and that it did not show a registrable number. He said he really doubted I could get up to an acceptable number without the Iron transfusions. He said I may need one every year to keep me boosted up. He ordered 12 other blood test to see how my other vitamins and things looked.

I am waiting on an appointment time with the Hematologist.

I was glad Keith was with me because it is all a little overwhelming for doctors to say it is a miracle that I have been able to function. As I have rested the last five days I have been able to feel my body and not give those feelings a brush off with an excuse. I have been tired, my breathing is labored and I have a lot of short headaches. The great thing about feeling those things is that I know I have a real cause not just that I am stressed and/or depressed. The greatest feeling I have had has been thankfulness.

I am so thankful that God has been merciful and all the bad things that apparently could have happened have not and though it may take some time I should feel tremendously better! Oh, how God loves me!

How have you seen God’s mercy in your own life? Please share….

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