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It was me

It was me

True confession time. It was me you cursed in the Wal-mart parking lot. I was the one who drove that big red truck and still cannot park it straight after three years! I know, if you can’t park it, don’t drive it. (As if I had a choice, do I look like a truck driver?) I know you cannot get your children in the backseat and your fanny is rubbing up against my dirty wheel well as you shimmy by and I am sorry!

Truthfully, in my defense, I had a rotten driver’s ed teacher! He had the biggest white man afro in the world, it distracts sixteen year old girls from what really matters (parking). He looked and acted a lot like Will Farrell in one of his stupid movies, except his fro was bigger!  He droned on and on about ten and two hand positioning on the steering wheel, the fact that you should check all your mirrors every seven seconds and other life saving techniques. If you now go and try to check your mirrors every seven seconds I will just forewarn you it makes you dizzy and cross-eyed! I seemed to talk a little to much in his class and he would try to embarrass me by telling me he would go up after church and tell my daddy I talked to much, I knew they were idle threats and talked on!

When I get to a parking lot I usually park way out so I can pull through and avoid the stares and glares as I come precariously close to your car. I can park a compact car (just barely) but a truck with an extra long bed is just not my specialty! So when you park next to me during the holiday rush just know I am SORRY!


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