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I REFUSE to be discouraged.  I am having the weirdest internal battle and right now I am winning.  Candace is at a difficult time in her life and it is very easy for my mind to go to the fact that IN THE PAST I was not as involved as I am now (that is the short version)  What I feel like the Lord keeps showing me is that if I let myself feel sorry for myself and how I was in the past then one more time the focus is on ME not Candace, how selfish that would be right now.  I have Godly sorrow about the past but have Godly hope for the now and future!  During my great change my focus was me BUT NOW God is making it so easy to get the focus off me and on to others.  Candace needs me right now and I love that I am at an emotional place to be there for her. 

I am weary on a day to day level becuase of the issues Candace is going through but have an underlying excitement that God is using these situations to make us all who He intends us to be.  I love her and am so excited that I can love her right where she is at, truly accepting that this is part of God’s plan for her.

Please pray that God will give us practical ways to help Candace with confidence and her academics.  We are asking God to give us a plan.


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Okay so this month we went way over on our budget in food and gas.  The gas of course is understandable but we spend an incredible amount on food.  I shop sales but we really eat whole healthy foods and they are pretty expensive over time.

My friend, Robin, is blogging about budgeting also.  I want to get ideas from her and others how to save.  Money, control of money, is our biggest hangup in life. 

I want to have a great October so I am going to start planning now.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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