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Sunday lunch

I miss Kayla at the oddest moments. Wells of emotions come up from no where, they catch me, grab my heart and squeeze.

This summer before Kayla left for college last week we did not see her a lot. (I think she was trying to get us used to her not being around, lol) When I left for work she was a sleep, when I came home she was up and ready to go out. We ate some lunches together, she was home some for dinner, and we shopped together for college needs. The pool was fun for Candace, Kayla and I, but usually she was ready to go explore the city with Joseph and Joe.

There was no pattern this summer when we would see Kayla EXCEPT every Sunday lunch. Kayla went to her church, we went to ours and then we all came home and ate lunch together and usually hung out together. It was never an elaborate lunch. Many days we made a simple lunch of sandwiches, salads or tuna fish. We usually fixed it together and then we three girls went to the pool or shopping. Eating lunch at home on Sunday has been the one constant we have had over the last year.

As I was laying in bed this morning I was planning the day and what we would have for lunch. I did not realize until then that she would not be home for lunch today. WOW, I never thought Sunday lunch would be so emotional for me. I am weeping as I write this and realize once again the depth of my love for Sissy.

Candace is sick today so her and I did not go to church today, we will need to find something to eat around here, but I can tell you next Sunday after church we will probably stop at Wendy’s or Moes on the way home.  For a while, I don’t think I want to eat Sunday lunch at home.


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Color therapy

Candace and I painted and colored last night for about 3 hours.  We made Sissy (Kayla) any number of splatter art pictures and filled a box with goodies to send to her in college.  I think it made us both feel better and somehow she did not seem so far away.

It was messy.  Some of our art did not turn out, and that is putting it nicely, but boy did we have fun.

While we were coloring my prayers were being answered,  Kayla was out forming new friendships, laughing and having a great time.

I slept with a lighter heart last night.

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Wow, a nice hot day, cool water, family; what more could a person ask for to make a perfect day. The first thing I did was miss my tube which sent it flying down the river without me. Needless to say I cussed loudly for all to hear. As I walked in the water demanding that Keith HELLLLLPPPP me I could not help look around and seeing them all enjoying a good laugh. Soon I was seated in my raft happy as a clam forgetting my unfortunate moment when I hear blood curdling screams coming from Candace and Maddie. They are further down river and have gotten stuck in the bushes and a spider has crawled on Candace and she is going nuts. She got out of the tube and Maddie helped her get it off and get back in her inner tube.

The best way to tube with children is to tie them together with you and then you stay all together. Keith forgot the rope so I took the strap off my halter bathing suit so the girls could be tied together. Needless to say over the next 3 hours and 20 minutes my strap was stretched like a tight rubber band. The elasticity is not longer and if I needed to count on it to keep me covered I would be in big trouble!

We were told the trip would take 2 1/2 hours, as you read, it took longer. Thank goodness we ate a pile of blueberry pancakes, sausage and bacon for breakfast and brought along snacks! We stopped on some big rocks and snacked on the Cheez-its that were crushed beyond recognition. As crumbs go they were quite good. 🙂

Joseph and Kayla were either way in front or behind us. I must say Joseph sat and laid in every position you can on an inner tube and did a great job of helping us out of a few literal log jams. Kayla did not get her hair wet until the last 20 minutes when Joseph, Candace and Maddie ganged up on her and splashed her from head to toe.

I was very concerned about Keith’s white, glaring white, legs and the amount of sun they might be getting. He used 50 SPF face sunblock that you rub on like a stick. I am hoping it does not get redder as the night goes on.

They all made fun of me for buying a push-off stick for $4.00, but I got the last laugh because it saved us many times when we got stuck on rocks.

Even though I sat in the back of the truck on top of a seat belt for hours and still have a cramp the trip was a TEN for me. We all had a nice relaxed time. It is a great memory for me to cherish. I sure love my family.

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Today we are going to Blue Ridge, Georgia to go inner tubing down the Toccoa River. It takes about 2 1/2 hours. Joseph, Kayla, Maddie, Candace, Keith and myself are going. I look forward to being together and just relaxing. I hope to have some great pictures.

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