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My parents are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Kayla is coming home tomorrow night (I cannot wait to love on my sweet girl.  We are glad she likes school, but we miss her BAAAADDDD!)  My sister, Susan, will be coming around the mountain on Wednesday.  (she lives in Asheville, North Carolina)   I have made her two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and frozen it so we can have hot cookies while she is here!  Sue and I love to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat cookies!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE!

Keith has been so wonderful helping me get the house ready. Physically I just have not had the energy and he has really done all the little things he knows means a lot to me.

My brother, Jim,  lives in Swaunee, Georgia.  He is taking over the turkey cooking.  He is an amazing cook!  Melinda, his wife, is making squash casserole.  (She is a southern cook! woohoo)  My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is making her yummy sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and pecan topping; her scrumptious pumpkin gooey dessert,  and fresh green beans.  My mom is making the dressing and pecan pies.  Susan, my sister, is making the gravy.  You know what that leaves for me to do?   You guessed it, NOTHING!!  Well, I may have a few suggestions to make along the way.  (I have been accused more than once of being bossy in the kitchen)

I am planning on taking it easy and enjoying the family.   I am making my daddy chicken pot pie, apple pie and Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (all his favorites) for his arrival!   Knowing they are all coming makes the aches and pains not quite so painful!  It is so exciting !!!


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Boy what a great weekend.  I am tired but that is not a complaint, just a fact of a very fun filled busy weekend!!  Kayla came home and we went shopping with Candace on Saturday.  I was not excited about shopping for me but I really needed some clothes.  Kayla was great in helping me find things that she approved of and that did not make me look really really old!  🙂 

We then went to our Blog Party and had a great time with my BFF Rob.   I loved meeting everyone and having time with Kayla and Robin. I love that Kayla is an adult and we can share adult things together!

Today we went to Kayla’s church.   It was a great sermon on encouraging others and how our words can change someones life for the good or bad.  He majored on the good and how affirming others is food to their soul. 

After church we got a burger and then helped Kayla pack up and leave to go back to school.  I should be used to it, but no, I always feel like part of me just left.  We love having her but love that she is ready to go back. 

Candace got upset earlier in the week because Kayla said to her she was on her way home, she meant her dorm room.  Candace said can you believe she said that is her home.  Candace said it just made me want to cry.   It was really sweet and I think very sensitive of her.  I am proud and truthfully a little sad that Kayla is gaining her independence and feeling like an individual.  She is an amazing young woman.  She is sensitive to us, respectful of our opinion but forging on to become this exciting person that is slowly evolving as she tries different things and risk change. 

I then went and worked out with my boss.  I almost threw up.  We did a workout called the Dirty Thirty.  We did thirty of each of these exercises:  jumping pull-ups, kettlebell swings, knee-ups, lunges, 60 jump ropes, 30 burpees (I could only do the push-up part, I was seeing stars as it was) and  back extensions.  It was grueling and it shows how out of shape I am. BUT I DID IT, that is what counts!  Tomorrow I am doing cardio and shoulders.

I then went and bought groceries, made an easy dinner, bathed and am now watching Iron Chef America and blogging.  I am ready for a great night sleep!

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This morning I woke up, showered, got ready, drank my coffee and made my lunch. I went to work, trained six people, attended a meeting and then did some office work. There was nothing overwhelming good or bad in my day. When I got home Keith had washed all the clothes (okay that was wonderful!), Candy had painted a bunch of picture, and they straightened the den. Honestly, it was a relief to just go through a routine at work and come home to my little family without feeling any great emotion, either positive or negative. I am very thankful for just a day that has been uneventful. I think God knew I needed routine and no drama.

The highlight of my day was talking with Kayla and painting with Candy.   This afternoon Keith and I laid on the bed and just talked. (He even made the bed)

I am thankful that Kayla is coming home and we will get to spend some time with her.

It has been a day, no it has been a good day.

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I wear tennis shoes all day. During the summer my feet get so tired of being closed up. They get hot and sweaty. The first thing I want to do when I get home is take my shoes off and let my toes breathe. Next, it is the harness (bra), I cannot wait to let the team lose. So there on the steps, at the front door, that has windows, sits my shoes, my socks, my work shirt and my bra. My old t-shirts are soft cotton and breathe. In my defense, when I get home I am starting dinner and getting things going so I must get comfortable quickly. I WEAR POLYESTER ALL DAY, my body CANNOT BREATHE!!

My friend has warned me about sleeping naked, she says what if your kids need you, what if there is a fire; I say, I have a robe and hopefully I will ALWAYS remember to grab it. It is not about being seen, (I would die and need therapy if I was ever seen–BUT I would not be–BECAUSE I am very careful. It is about not being bound up, hot and getting to feeling fresh air on my skin. I am sure I breath through my toes. When under the covers I like one toe out, I think I breathe better.

Every summer my family, my parents, my brothers, sister and all their children (25 of us) go to the beach together. At least once, while I am in the ocean and the rest of the family is on the beach, I take my swim suit off and wave it at my family. (this year my daughter participated) My neice and nephews do not seem scarred for life and I believe might be disappointed if I did not follow this tradition. No one sees anything and I just love the freedom. I figure the glare from my white skin is probably fending off the sharks for everyone in a 50 mile radius!

I dare you, walk on the wild side, when it is safe, sleep naked, just once! You will loveeeeee it or maybe not!

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