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My parents are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Kayla is coming home tomorrow night (I cannot wait to love on my sweet girl.  We are glad she likes school, but we miss her BAAAADDDD!)  My sister, Susan, will be coming around the mountain on Wednesday.  (she lives in Asheville, North Carolina)   I have made her two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and frozen it so we can have hot cookies while she is here!  Sue and I love to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat cookies!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE!

Keith has been so wonderful helping me get the house ready. Physically I just have not had the energy and he has really done all the little things he knows means a lot to me.

My brother, Jim,  lives in Swaunee, Georgia.  He is taking over the turkey cooking.  He is an amazing cook!  Melinda, his wife, is making squash casserole.  (She is a southern cook! woohoo)  My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is making her yummy sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and pecan topping; her scrumptious pumpkin gooey dessert,  and fresh green beans.  My mom is making the dressing and pecan pies.  Susan, my sister, is making the gravy.  You know what that leaves for me to do?   You guessed it, NOTHING!!  Well, I may have a few suggestions to make along the way.  (I have been accused more than once of being bossy in the kitchen)

I am planning on taking it easy and enjoying the family.   I am making my daddy chicken pot pie, apple pie and Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (all his favorites) for his arrival!   Knowing they are all coming makes the aches and pains not quite so painful!  It is so exciting !!!


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I would apologize for being so honest but that is why I started blogging. I wanted somewhere that I could be real and explore the ups and downs of my journey towards a closer walk with God and finding out who He originally made me to be.

I love reading happy blogs, I love having a happy site, but for me right now that is not always real.

Right now I am pushing on. My circumstances really have not changed for the better but I must continue to find ways to push on towards joy and peace. There are a lot of great things in my life that I am truly thankful for and that keeps me going. I am trying to departmentalize so that I do not let the negative infect my entire day.

I know God is with me. I know He is using these situations to bring me to a new place. I have such a range of emotions and really want to keep feeling. No stuffing these feelings with anger, food, exercise or spending. I want to enjoy all three of those so I do not want any of them to be out of balance. I have no money to spend so that makes that one easy, lol. I have not been exercising and that is not balance for me. I am working on that one. The eating is at a pretty good place. I go from very angry to weeping to numb. Numb keeps me in the game of life, angry is not pretty and weeping is just not fun!

I do find joy in my children, my friends and my job right now. My job gives me a structures that keeps me from thinking to much. My children are like balm to my heart. Their love makes it easier to breathe and keep moving. My friend Rob knows when to push and when to shove and when to listen. I need all sides of her. My God just keeps gently reminding me that He is beside me.

I really don’t have time to break down. I need to push on, keep moving and I think I will be okay. Wallowing in self pity really does not look pretty on me. :0)

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Menu Planning

I AM GOING TO SAVE MONEY IN OCTOBER ON GROCERIES!!!!! I am starting to plan my menus now. I thought I might go with a theme each night. So far…

Marinaded chicken, roasted red potatoes, stewed squash and green beans

Marinaded chicken, roasted red potatoes, stewed squash and green beans

Meatless Mondays (breakfast, soups)

Tuna Tuesdays (Keith is not convinced this could be good)

Wing Wednesdays (chicken dishes)

Beef on Thursday (roast, chili, burgers, spaghetti)

Fish Friday (talapia or salmon)

Italian Saturday

Sunday Salads (Taco, nachos, grilled chicken)

allrecipes.com has great recipes that are rated by the readers. I am going to start getting some new recipes for October.

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Keith and I were given a $100 gift certificate to Ruth Chris Steak House.  I have heard great things and okay things about it.  With a gift certificate I will give just about anything a try.  We went to the one in Centennial Park.  Our waiter, Rod, was excellent.  We got the Summer special for two for $89, two appetizers, two entrees, two veggies, one dessert.  This menu was limited but good.  Keith add some shrimp and we had three drinks between us.  I thought the food was just good.  The bread and butter was awesome.  My steak was not really seared like I imagined an 1800 degree steak would be and my crab cake was cold on top and piping hot on the bottom.  The dessert was great.  The broccoli and hollandaise sauce were okay.  It was a great atmosphere and service outstanding.  The cost with tip was $171.00.  I have never ever paid that much for food and hope I never do again.  It was good but our budget does not allow for that and really it was not worth it to me.  It was food.  I LOVE ASPENS in Marietta and it is half the price.

Being with Keith was the best part.  Walking in the park and sitting watching the children run in and out of the fountain were the highlights.  It has been a tough year for us but I feel we are moving forward and it was good to celebrate together the great accomplishment of making it 27 years.

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