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The real Kayla Belle and sweet Joseph 🙂

Saint Kayla came home this weekend and helped us with Candace and all her make-up homework. As Candy said, Mom is not great at the math, I NEEEEEED Kayla. Well, what a blessing. They did almost all of the math homework for an entire week. I get completely overwhelmed when we just have regular homework, but to have a weeks worth blew my mind! I did not ask Kayla to come home but I believe she could sense my despair and was kind and precious and came home to help.

Thank you Lord for my Kayla Belle. It was great to have Joseph around. I miss getting to see him with Kayla not here as much!


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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I cannot do this! Everyday I go to the bus stop with fear and trepidation. Candy gets off the bus and we walk home and talk about the day. Before we get in the door I say, “Do you have any homework?” (which is a stupid question because every Monday through Thursday they have homework) Candy takes a deep breath and says, “Yes.” My spirit drops and my armpits start to perspire.

We have a nice snack, talk about what she had for lunch, and start getting out the 50 pound of books that she has carried in her book bag. Today she had a sub for reading and science. Candace said she is the meanest and rudest woman alive. Her name was Mrs. Fink or Hink. I admit total immaturity and told Candy I would have given her $5 if she had accidentally called her Mrs. Stink. We had a good laugh and got down to business. I  try so hard to be upbeat.

First it is exponents. An Exponent, are you kidding me, who needs them. I am sure they really are not important. We do a entire sheet of math review. We have to put question marks by the exponents so Keith can help her when he gets home. Then it is on to Science. Bacteria and fungi are not so bad. Last but not least is Grammar. I was not good at grammar in grade school so you can imagine how good I am at it 30 something years later. I do like prepositions for the most part so today was not so miserable. We only have reading left. Today only took and hour and fifteen minutes.

Candace is really trying. School is hard for her. I am praying that the light will go on and spread peace to her heart. I think school really is stressful for her because of her lack of confidence. I pray every day that she will gain confidence and feel good at school and about herself.  I don’t want her to have dread and fear each day.

Now I must figure out what to have for dinner and that is depressing because I am so tired of eating the same thing over and over.  I live on allrecipes.com looking for some new and innovative recipes to wow my family, but that is another blog.

Keith came home and helped her with the exponents and pointed out a couple I had told her incorrectly. 😦  I made up a snappy new chicken  with leftover pasta.  I guess things are looking up for the evening.   I am feeling tired and out of control, I need to get on a more positive note.

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