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The real Kayla Belle and sweet Joseph 🙂

Saint Kayla came home this weekend and helped us with Candace and all her make-up homework. As Candy said, Mom is not great at the math, I NEEEEEED Kayla. Well, what a blessing. They did almost all of the math homework for an entire week. I get completely overwhelmed when we just have regular homework, but to have a weeks worth blew my mind! I did not ask Kayla to come home but I believe she could sense my despair and was kind and precious and came home to help.

Thank you Lord for my Kayla Belle. It was great to have Joseph around. I miss getting to see him with Kayla not here as much!


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Sweet memories

Kayla and Joseph Prom May 2008

Kayla and Joseph Prom May 2008, Boy, they are a beautiful couple, inside and out. I not only miss having Kayla around, I miss Joseph. I miss knowing that Joseph is with her, protecting her, making sure she is safe.

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