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I wanted to give my girls something each year that would be special.  I started each one a collection, Kayla, nutcrackers and Candace, snow globes.  Each year I give them a new one.  Kayla now has 18 and we decided that was enough and now we are going to start giving her a decoration each year.  The plan is when they start their own home they will take their collection and decorations with them and have something to get them started.

Kayla’s nutcrackers are displayed over my kitchen cabinets.  It is the perfect place to display so many!

Kayla's nutcrackers

Kayla's nutcrackers

The rest of the crackers

The rest of the crackers

Candace’s snow globes are scattered around our den.


It is also that time to decorate the tree.  We each have a job.  Keith makes a million and one trips to the basement.  Kayla puts up her nutcrackers.  Candace and I put out the nativity scene.  My least favorite job is to make all the limbs of the tree look “real” and there to not be any holes when you look at it.  It takes FOREVER!  Keith and Kayla put of the lights (Keith must borrow neighbor, Steve’s, ladder each year) and the angel tree topper that has basically lost her lights and her wings are not so pretty.  Then we all decorate the tree together.  We have a great time.  It does not take to long and we are all happy to see Keith headed back down to the basement with the empty boxes.

Christmas tree 2008

Christmas tree 2008

The Fam

The Fam

Tis the season to be jolly and thankful for such a wonderfully family.


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My parents are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Kayla is coming home tomorrow night (I cannot wait to love on my sweet girl.  We are glad she likes school, but we miss her BAAAADDDD!)  My sister, Susan, will be coming around the mountain on Wednesday.  (she lives in Asheville, North Carolina)   I have made her two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and frozen it so we can have hot cookies while she is here!  Sue and I love to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat cookies!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE!

Keith has been so wonderful helping me get the house ready. Physically I just have not had the energy and he has really done all the little things he knows means a lot to me.

My brother, Jim,  lives in Swaunee, Georgia.  He is taking over the turkey cooking.  He is an amazing cook!  Melinda, his wife, is making squash casserole.  (She is a southern cook! woohoo)  My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is making her yummy sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and pecan topping; her scrumptious pumpkin gooey dessert,  and fresh green beans.  My mom is making the dressing and pecan pies.  Susan, my sister, is making the gravy.  You know what that leaves for me to do?   You guessed it, NOTHING!!  Well, I may have a few suggestions to make along the way.  (I have been accused more than once of being bossy in the kitchen)

I am planning on taking it easy and enjoying the family.   I am making my daddy chicken pot pie, apple pie and Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (all his favorites) for his arrival!   Knowing they are all coming makes the aches and pains not quite so painful!  It is so exciting !!!

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Happy 19th Birthday Kayla Belle

Kayla, my amazing daughter!

My favorite baby picture of Kayla (more…)

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Traditional guacamole in a molcajete, a lava stone mortar and pestle served at Rosa Mexicano.


Today we went to Rosa Mexicanofor Kayla’s birthday.  (Kayla, Candy, MaKayla, Michael and me)  We got a great corner booth  with a great view of all the activities of Atlantic Station.  The restaurant is beautiful and the menu is high end Mexican cuisine.  The atmosphere is wonderful. 

They are known for tableside made guacamole.  They push a cart around with all the fixins and make it the way you like it.   There were five of us and we all wanted the guacamole so we ordered a double.   The man put in two avocados, about one tomato, one jalapeno, two tablespoons of onion, salt and a cup of cilantro.  (we are going to start adding cilantro to ours at home)   He mushed it all up and served it with some really fresh chips and homemade tortillas.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!  We all enjoyed it.  It was so good I almost ordered more.

We then each ordered a variety of items so we could taste some different things.  I got a shredded beef dish with Mole sauce.  It was very nice.  We had chicken dishes and a great cheese dish.  Very good food!

When the check came it was expensive but it was special and worth it.  I will tell you the guacamole was $24.  Yes that is correct, $24 and the truth is we could have easily had another serving.   I figured the cost for the ingredients to be $3 at the most, Rosa is doing quite well for herself!!   As much as we enjoyed Candace and I decided we liked ours and Uncle Jimmy’s just as much, maybe even more!!  lol

I love experiences like those with my girls, they are priceless!  Maybe we could make this into one of those VISA Priceless commercials.  My TIME WITH MY DAUGHTERS IS THE BEST THING EVVVVVEEEERRRRRR!!!!!  I would take them back and order a quadruple gaucamole if it would give us another great time like we had today. 


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I love BRAVO TV.  We watch Top Chef (my favorite), Top Design, Top Model, Jeff the OCD House Flipper, The young real estate guys(they are weirdos), and The Wedding Shows (I hate Bridezilla).  If there is a reality show on Bravo I have been watching it.  The only one I did not really follow was The Real Wives of the OC or New York BUT when The Real Wives of Atlanta came on I started to watch it.

WHAT A CAT FIGHT!  It makes you embarrassed to be from The ATL.   They are tacky, petty, lie big time about their age and just are all around ridiculous.  Two of the five are sweet and have class, the rest are an embarrassment to the South.  The season finale is next week and I am hoping it is their last season. 

All that to say, last week two of them went to Atlantic Station to Rosa Mexicano.   They made fresh guacamole at the table, one of them had never had guacamole, made fun of how they were making it and made all kind of faces when she tried it.  Well my girls and I LOVE guacamole so I have been hoping we could go soon.

 Kayla has her 19th birthday Sunday.  She is down at school and cannot come home for the weekend but is going to bring a friend and meet Keith, Candy, my niece Michal and myself at Atlantic station to shop and go eat guacamole and Mexican treats at Rosa Mexicano.  It should be so fun!!!!!  Candy is so excited we are eating where The Real Wives ate, she thinks there may still be cameras there.  Candy is sure we could be the next Bravo stars!  lol

Any shows you are embarrassed you follow?

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Here is the short version:

I went to the doctor for one  thing and came out–

I am critically anemic,

Level is 5.7, should be 12-14

I had a blood transfusion on Wednesday,

           levels should rise 2 points

I am either  vitamin deficient or am bleeding

           internally, most likely a little of both

I am having additional test done to find out

I cannot exercise not even walk for a while,

           maybe up to three months  (craziness)

I really believe I will be fine.

I am taking vitamins and iron.

I  have great  family and friends. (two nights this

     week people brought us  dinner)

My husband has been amazing!  He has been

     beside me this entire week, holding my hand.

I am to rest until Monday.  I should feel less tired with the transfusion.

God is good.

The long detailed version is below. J

My daughter, Kayla, reads my blog and so I have had to be silent about what I have been going through this week because she had two big test in college and I did not want her to worry about me.  So I have told my closest friends what has been going on.  Kayla’s tests are over so I can share now.

When my doctor told me Monday I was anemic she was very upset because my number was a four.  A four means nothing to me, but then she told me normal was between a 12-14.  She asked me if I was tired, been dizzy, fainted, bleeding excessively and/or breathless?  I had blogged the day before and the title of my blog was “I AM TIRED”, so I said yes to tired, I had blogged a while back I could not get my breathe but I thought it was stress related.  Sunday I had worked out and was breathless and almost threw up and almost fainted.  So I pretty much had had all these symptoms but attributed them to working too much, not working out enough, breathless because of being de-conditioned and stress.

I then went  to see my beloved family doctor and he ran more tests.  The more definitive test came back at a 5.7 which he said was nothing to brag about.  He said you need a blood transfusion tomorrow.  That is pretty extreme and then he adds that I can do NO strenuous activities until my number gets up to a 10 at least.  Hmmmm, I AM A PERSONAL TRAINER, I am all about strenuous activities.  I tried to pin him down and said, no heavy weights right?  He said I could not even walk for a while.  He wanted no stress put on my heart.  He said it was having to work hard enough but we would talk later and  maybe I could walk soon.  I really cannot wrap my mind around that one, but the serious of the anemia is starting to set in.  THIS ANEMIA IS A BIG DEAL, I have to take it really seriously.    I asked if people I knew could donate blood and he said,  “No, there isn’t time for that.”  Now I am getting breathless from the his sense of urgency. 

I went to the hospital and got my blood typed and they did more blood work.  Apparently, the hospital did not know my previous numbers because at 8:00 p.m. that night a doctor called and wanted to know why I was not in the hospital with such critical numbers.  The doctor explained her concern, when you are this anemic you are either seriously vitamin deficient or you are bleeding internally.  She asked me a series of questions and made me promise if I saw blood anywhere that I would come immediately to the hospital.  She was very kind but scared the crap out of me. 

Today I went and had the blood transfusion.  On the way there I got this thought, “Whose do I have?,  I wonder if inmates give blood?  What if an axe murderer gave me his blood?  My sister in law pointed out it could be a nymphomaniac or a vampire, my sister said she heard that you took on the other person’s personality within a year.  I texted her back and told her she better sleep with one eye open.  I did not tell my husband about the nympho because I was afraid he would be disappointed by the outcome.

The nurses were great.  One nurse told me it was a small miracle that I was walking in and not being wheeled in.  She said it must have happened over a long period of time and my body had adjusted as time went on. 

It is a small world, a nurse and I  started talking about books we liked, first secular and we then got to Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love and we knew we were both Christians.  She told me that she went to Woodstock First and I mentioned my dad had spoken there a few months back.  Her eyes got big and she started to cry.  She told me that she did not get saved until she was 40 and that my dad’s sermons on prayer were the first time she had heard that she could really communicate with God on a personal level.  We hugged and I thanked her for telling me.  My dad is special to me, but it was so good to hear he had touched someone elses life.

Six hours later I was on my way home.  The doctor and the nurse said there is a chance that I will feel more energy in the next 48 hours.  My number should rise two points and give me a good start back up.  I have appointments with GI doctors on Monday for tests.  They will see if there may be a small internal bleed or if it is just vitamin deficiency.

God is good.  Things could have gotten worse very quickly.  I never fainted, my heart did not give out and I am on the way to better health.  I am sure I will be blogging about the emotions of not exercising but enough for now.

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Boy what a great weekend.  I am tired but that is not a complaint, just a fact of a very fun filled busy weekend!!  Kayla came home and we went shopping with Candace on Saturday.  I was not excited about shopping for me but I really needed some clothes.  Kayla was great in helping me find things that she approved of and that did not make me look really really old!  🙂 

We then went to our Blog Party and had a great time with my BFF Rob.   I loved meeting everyone and having time with Kayla and Robin. I love that Kayla is an adult and we can share adult things together!

Today we went to Kayla’s church.   It was a great sermon on encouraging others and how our words can change someones life for the good or bad.  He majored on the good and how affirming others is food to their soul. 

After church we got a burger and then helped Kayla pack up and leave to go back to school.  I should be used to it, but no, I always feel like part of me just left.  We love having her but love that she is ready to go back. 

Candace got upset earlier in the week because Kayla said to her she was on her way home, she meant her dorm room.  Candace said can you believe she said that is her home.  Candace said it just made me want to cry.   It was really sweet and I think very sensitive of her.  I am proud and truthfully a little sad that Kayla is gaining her independence and feeling like an individual.  She is an amazing young woman.  She is sensitive to us, respectful of our opinion but forging on to become this exciting person that is slowly evolving as she tries different things and risk change. 

I then went and worked out with my boss.  I almost threw up.  We did a workout called the Dirty Thirty.  We did thirty of each of these exercises:  jumping pull-ups, kettlebell swings, knee-ups, lunges, 60 jump ropes, 30 burpees (I could only do the push-up part, I was seeing stars as it was) and  back extensions.  It was grueling and it shows how out of shape I am. BUT I DID IT, that is what counts!  Tomorrow I am doing cardio and shoulders.

I then went and bought groceries, made an easy dinner, bathed and am now watching Iron Chef America and blogging.  I am ready for a great night sleep!

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