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9 minutes

Today i got home nine minutes before Candace got off the bus.  Homework is a little stressful sometimes so I really like to enjoy my time and get myself geared up for the HW time.  Today the weather was perfect so I sat on my back deck and enjoyed the leaves.  Half the trees are bare and the other half seem to be holding on for dear life.  When the wind would blow a single leaf would start to float and fall to the ground.  Sitting on the back deck relaxes me and makes remember God’s beauty.

We have a chipmunk that you can hear chirping.  There may be a family but no one has ever seen more than one at a time so we assume he is a lone ranger.

The lone chipmunk

The lone chipmunk

Homework today was not that bad.  Candace said she would wait and do the math with her dad so she would not stress me out.  The nerve of her.  Stress me out!  Well, she may have a point and I think I will let her dad have the honors!

Now if I can muster the energy, I am going to make my hero, Keith, some of the good looking nuts my friend, Robin, talked about.  He loves pecans and I think he deserves something sweet. (he will be doing the math:))


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The real Kayla Belle and sweet Joseph 🙂

Saint Kayla came home this weekend and helped us with Candace and all her make-up homework. As Candy said, Mom is not great at the math, I NEEEEEED Kayla. Well, what a blessing. They did almost all of the math homework for an entire week. I get completely overwhelmed when we just have regular homework, but to have a weeks worth blew my mind! I did not ask Kayla to come home but I believe she could sense my despair and was kind and precious and came home to help.

Thank you Lord for my Kayla Belle. It was great to have Joseph around. I miss getting to see him with Kayla not here as much!

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