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I have only exercised once in the last two weeks.  I have felt defeated and very down about myself.  I knew I just needed to make time and I would just keep working instead.  I feel the weight creeping up and I am in a panic.  My emotions are raw, my eating off and no exercise.  That is a scary Ruth Ingram.  If you look at me with your head tilted, move your eyes up or down I assume you are looking at my big thighs and cringe inside.

I know what to do, I get paid to tell people what to do, I feel better when I do it SOOOOOOO why would I not do it?  Answer that and you will be a millionaire many times over.

Today, like many days in the past few months, I have said I am going to exercise.  The difference is today I DID IT!  I overcame several obstacles and got to the gym.  I stayed out of the PT area so I would not get distracted.  I interval trained for an hour and felt great.  I did the elliptical for a few minutes and then I would do push-ups, then I would run and then do more push-ups.  I did lunges, push presses with a squat.  It was an awesome hour of exercise.  I had my music blaring, my heart rate going off the charts and then I would slow it down and then start all over again.  My body was in a full sweat!  It felt so good.
I could try an analyze why today I did it, if I will do it tomorrow, but right now I am to tired to figure it out.  I just know that I am telling my boss that I will work until one and then I will have an hour of exercise.  We will see how it goes.  I anticipate being successful and feeling good about myself at the end of each day.


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