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My parents are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Kayla is coming home tomorrow night (I cannot wait to love on my sweet girl.  We are glad she likes school, but we miss her BAAAADDDD!)  My sister, Susan, will be coming around the mountain on Wednesday.  (she lives in Asheville, North Carolina)   I have made her two batches of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and frozen it so we can have hot cookies while she is here!  Sue and I love to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat cookies!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE EVERYONE!

Keith has been so wonderful helping me get the house ready. Physically I just have not had the energy and he has really done all the little things he knows means a lot to me.

My brother, Jim,  lives in Swaunee, Georgia.  He is taking over the turkey cooking.  He is an amazing cook!  Melinda, his wife, is making squash casserole.  (She is a southern cook! woohoo)  My mother-in-law, Carolyn, is making her yummy sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and pecan topping; her scrumptious pumpkin gooey dessert,  and fresh green beans.  My mom is making the dressing and pecan pies.  Susan, my sister, is making the gravy.  You know what that leaves for me to do?   You guessed it, NOTHING!!  Well, I may have a few suggestions to make along the way.  (I have been accused more than once of being bossy in the kitchen)

I am planning on taking it easy and enjoying the family.   I am making my daddy chicken pot pie, apple pie and Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (all his favorites) for his arrival!   Knowing they are all coming makes the aches and pains not quite so painful!  It is so exciting !!!


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once again

I have been really down and had talked myself into a corner.  I called my mother and started to unload all my woes.  After I finished telling her all the reasons I was miserable I said, I just cannot handle this.  I cannot do it.  There are no answers.”  My mother said,  “First, don’t ever again say you cannot handle something because God is inside of you and and you are basically saying that God cannot handle the situation.”  She continues to give me advice but her voice began to fade because all I could concentrate on was that first sentence.  I realized how right she was.  I had said I knew God was there but I just could not seem to reach Him.  I know that whether I feel Him or see His hands on my life that He is there.  I silently asked God to forgive me and to give me His perspective.   My mom finished up and I told her how right she was and that it was once again just what I needed.

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