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This morning my husband called me on his way to work and said, “Don’t forget we need to go over our finances tonight.” At this moment the the heavens opened up, the angels wings started to flap and all of the heavens started to sing the hallelujah chorus! My heart was singing with them.

Let me back up and say that for the last year has been a very difficult year for my husband and I. We have been married 27 years and this last year has probably been one of the most difficult. We have always struggled with our finances but really never dealt with why we had the struggles. This past year we started delving in to all the areas of our finances and the areas we both needed to work on. It has not been pretty. On the surface we were much happier when we lived in denial and did not face some hard truths. Our flesh has been screaming and we have not wanted to make the changes that needed to be made. We can thank Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University for the openning our eyes. At times I admit I have called him Dave Damn Ramsey when I wanted someone else to blame for our pain. 🙂

Our committment to each other had not changed, well maybe it had, we were now committed to loving each other enough to tell the truth, even when it hurt like hell. We used to say that we loved each other the way we were and accepted each other but we now realized that to love someone like they are does not mean to leave them where they are at. Tough love is tough, you cannot let up when it gets ugly. You have to be committed to the truth. For us, it felt like someone was peeling our fingernails off one by one, but we kept telling the truth and dealing with all the feelings that go with it.

My husband is a great man. He loves God and his family. He is faithful as the day is long. He is a hard hard worker. This one area was one that he really did not want to deal with and was quite stubborn about. It hurt me deeply and I could not let it go because I knew it was going to cause us greater problems down the road. We have fought through this hard time and I feel after a year we are coming out the other side more in love with each other and more committed to following Godly principles. He has changed us both in the process. We are both taking responsibility for our part in our past mistakes but more important we have formed a team to conquer this huge mountain. This entire process has been very humbling for my husband and he has handled with true character. It took a baseball bat (figuratively speaking) at times and then it took God’s love and my acceptance to bring him to a place of humility and willingness to change. The thing I love about Keith is that he loves me and has been willing to be put through the fire to be what his family needs him to be. You cannot ask for more.

So this morning when Keith brought up the finances without me hinting or prodding my heart started singing I was sure I could see the angels singing with me!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujahhhhhhhhh!!!

Keith and me

Keith and me


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Okay so this month we went way over on our budget in food and gas.  The gas of course is understandable but we spend an incredible amount on food.  I shop sales but we really eat whole healthy foods and they are pretty expensive over time.

My friend, Robin, is blogging about budgeting also.  I want to get ideas from her and others how to save.  Money, control of money, is our biggest hangup in life. 

I want to have a great October so I am going to start planning now.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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Dave Damn Ramsey

Okay, I know that is not nice, but that is what I call him part of the time. We were much happier (NOT) living on credit, living in denial before we met Dave and he set us on the budget from hell to keep us from hell. I thank the Lord for him most days and on the others I call him the above. We failed Financial Peace University. I admit we do not have the gazelle intensity he talks about. We get discouraged BUT I must admit it is much better than the place we had put ourselves in. Life before Dave, I got pedicures, went to Starbucks, had a house cleaner twice a month and paid a lot to have my hair done. We ate out when we wanted. Now I sometimes clean the house, rarely have Starbucks, have chipped toenails but came out way ahead on the hair. 🙂 So I admit it is easier to be mad at him than be real about what we did to ourselves.

You ask, why bring this up today. Well, this morning we went over the budget for September and we have already started on the down slide. We got our September paycheck Friday and have already dipped into it and the month has not started. I spend a lot of money on fresh fruit and veggies; we eat out to much. I am not sure how we are going to do it, Keith is still not willing to sell body organs on the black market, but I am hoping to get creative in the food area. Making a budget is really easy, living by it is a whole different subject! I hate being bad at money. I know what the bible says about it and see my failure. It grieves me.

God please help us this month to be more successful, please bless Dave Ramsey with all he deserves for his faithfulness and an ingrown toenail (Just kidding). Amen

Do you have any budget meals that work for your family? Any ideas are appreciated!

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