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once again

I have been really down and had talked myself into a corner.  I called my mother and started to unload all my woes.  After I finished telling her all the reasons I was miserable I said, I just cannot handle this.  I cannot do it.  There are no answers.”  My mother said,  “First, don’t ever again say you cannot handle something because God is inside of you and and you are basically saying that God cannot handle the situation.”  She continues to give me advice but her voice began to fade because all I could concentrate on was that first sentence.  I realized how right she was.  I had said I knew God was there but I just could not seem to reach Him.  I know that whether I feel Him or see His hands on my life that He is there.  I silently asked God to forgive me and to give me His perspective.   My mom finished up and I told her how right she was and that it was once again just what I needed.


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