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I am really not sure what God is trying to say to me, but He has my attention.  I really thought I was getting it, but maybe not.  Yesterday I had my second iron transfusion.  I expected today to be my good day before the side effects started to happen.  When I woke up my leg was hurting and when I put my pants it hurt for the material to touch my leg.  When I looked at my leg it was swollen and  gross looking.   Keith looked at it with concern and we decided I might need to go see a doctor because it hurt just to stand much less train people on concrete floors.

I was at the doctor by 8:00 a.m.  My doctor just happen to walk by and agreed to work me in.  He looked at my leg and was afraid it was a blood clot.  He had it ultra sounded and was blessed it is just a varicose blood clot (phel-something) not the dangerous kind that puts you in the hospital and can kill you.  He said I need to elevate my leg above my heart and put heat on it.  HE SAID I COULD NOT WORK FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!!  I was so angry I started to cry. 

I am home, my leg is up, my toes are so long I cannot see the TV over them!  I am trying to hear what God is saying.  My friend, Darlene, (she is the one I call and cuss at when I am upset, okay she is one of the ones) said, “Your entire life has changed in the last five years, you started running and have not stopped.  Maybe God is trying to slow you down.”  Well, she may have a point.  I am tired and I may have been trying out for Super Woman wanna be.  I have always wanted to lay around and now that I can, I don’t wanna.  (Do you hear the whine?) 

Tomorrow I am having an endoscopy to see if I have an ulcer.  I really don’t think I have one but the doctor thinks it is necessary. 🙂

 Did I mention I have to wear support hose?  I think that is what threw me over the edge!  I am 46 years old.  Truly, I am asking God to show me whatEVER He wants me to see and I will try my best to be obedient.


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