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Well yesterday was a great feeling day.  I had a mild headache and a little tired but lasted until about 5:00 and then I gave out, curled up in the bed with Candace and watched Say Yes To The Dress, Split Ends we had TVOed, and then read many post on the pioneer woman‘s blog.  She is really funny, real, and creative.  Candace and I laughed at her six post on burping (ewww), followed her stories on her friends, family and her chaps wearing husband.

I woke up in the middle of the night really achy and could not get comfortable.  Keith rubbed my back and that seemed to help.  This morning the stomach flu like symptoms they talked about have finally hit.  It is not terrible just doesn’t feel very good. 

I keep thinking of Lucy, the breast cancer survivor, I met at the doctors and realize this is nothing to what she is going to be feeling this next week.  It does not make by aches less but it makes me put them in perspective.  I will not whine, I will not whine, I will not whine, I have a COMPLETELY reversible condition!

I have decided to skip the treatment they said I could have Tuesday.  I really want to enjoy the time with my family.  I will pick the treatments up the next week and be done with it by the middle of December.  Wooohooo!

I may move a little slower today, okay I may not move very much today, but I am thanking Jesus that I am going to be feeling better this next year!  It is pretty exciting to know I will have more energy and feel better than I have for the last two years!


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Boy, have we had it bad at our house.  Our sweet Candace, aka Candy, has bronchitis!!! Last month she had pneumonia and strep throat.  We have had three antibiotics in five weeks.  She is a really good patient and does not complain very much. 

It breaks my heart as a mother to see my children suffer in anyway.  Whether they are suffering from illness, friend hurts, school dramas or personal growth issues I just want to be there to help them through the process.  It is really important to me to make my children feel that whatever is going on with them they are my top priority.  I want them to know they are number one in my book. 

When my children are sick I love to get them anything that they think with make them feel better.  Candy has wanted sushi for lunch for the past two days.  She has not been eating very much so I am thrilled to get anything that might make her eat!  I got all her favorites yesterday, mandarin orange segments (six cans), fudge sicles, sushi, crab sticks and chocolate milk.  We cuddle on the couch and watch movies and today have watched “Who’s wedding is it anyway?”.

My prayer is that they will feel my love and compassion.

What do you do for your children when they are ill?

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Candy update

She slept all night but woke up before seven coughing and a fever of 102.4.  We have taken all the medicines and done a breathing treatment.  I hope she turns a corder today.  She says her stomach hurts, I am not sure what that is about.  She has lost a lot of weight this week.  She has no apetite.

Kayla came home to help out with homework.  It was really sweet of her.  I am emotional exhausted and could use some help. 

Keith had a rough day yesterday.  I am praying today will be better.

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Candace got sicker today.   She was lethargic, fever higher than ever.  I really felt like I needed to take her back in.  There was a two hour wait and then they had an emergency and added an hour.  Her temperature was 100.8 at noon, 102.5 at 1:30 and 104.8 at 2:00.  The nurse was great, she bumped us up and got us in earlier because of her high fever.  They x-rayed her and did not see any more pneumonia and then did a strep test and it came back positive.  They changed her antibiotic, gave her two breathing treatments to try to loosen up her chest and sent us home with breathing treatments. 

She is feeling a lot better tonight.  Her cough is less and her fever is lowered.      We are hopefully tomorrow she will turn a corner. 

I am tired.  It is so hard to see your child sick.  Your emotions are all over the place.  I have run to work and then as soon as my last client leaves I have run home to take care of Candy.  She has been a real trooper but been lifeless.  My heart has just been torn up!

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Walking wounded

Candace has been sick. She has been coughing and had a low grade fever. She has been getting worse for the last four days. At 4:45 this afternoon I took her to Scottish Rite Urgent care down by Towne Center Mall. They are awesome with kids and polite to the adults. Anyway, she has walking pneumonia! She is on antibiotic and cough medicine and will be home tomorrow.

She has been are trooper. She has not felt well in four days.  She has a BIG BIG test she will miss tomorrow and will need to make up when she gets back. She has to memorize 49 words and as of today knew less than twenty. School is really hard for her. We work really hard just to get the homework done, much less memorize 49 prepositions in a jingle form! Please pray for her.

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Sick Sunday

Candace had a fever today of 101.5. We are a little concerned because she has been sick several times since school has started. You cannot fake the fever and the cough she has.

We all stayed home from church and watched movies together. I made Kayla a bunch of Salsa Chicken and Chicken Tortilla Soup to take back to school. As Kayla got ready to leave her and I both wept. She said she did not want to go. I told her I thought it would get easier as time goes on and then I realized that everytime I leave my mother we both cry. THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 28 YEARS!! We hugged and cried and then we sent her on her way. After we waved good bye I cried more. She called me and we cried some more.

On her way home she got a speeding ticket. She called me crying. She is a great driver and has never gotten a ticket. Keith and I both assured her it was not the end of the world and it was okay. If you don’t know Kayla I will just tell you she is a FANTASTIC kid. She strives to love God, her family, boyfriend and friends to the best of her ability. She is all around wonderful. Messing up is okay. We all do it. God has such grace for me, I sure want to spread it to those around me. Her getting a ticket is a grain of sand on the beach of all her goodness. I love her. I can still feel her hugging me.

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